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We walk dogs daily for those who have lifestyle commitments but who nevertheless want their pets treated with the best possible care while they are away. We understand how work and social pressure can leave less time for our beloved pets and we help to alleviate that stress wherever possible.

We offer a professional and personal service. We are a small team of dedicated and trustworthy individuals with testimonials and references available upon request.

We are insured and covered by public liability for any unseen circumstances. We take our business and your pets' well being very seriously.

About Dog Walker ABC is the online presence of our Dog Walking Service catering to Ascot, Bracknell and Crowthorne as well as the surounding areas. We are a small, family run business looking to expand our customer base while maintaining flexibility and providing a reliabile service to our customers.

Alison is your primary dog walker. "I am responsible for your dog's care when walking. I started this company to enable me to do something which I love; I love to walk outdoors and I love dogs."

Dog Walking

Our dog walking occurs throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. Some customers trust us to enter their homes by providing us with a spare key or access via a back gate. Our other clients meet us at the door with their dogs leashed and ready to go. Depending on location we are sometimes able to begin the walk from the door, other times we drive directly to more secluded areas free from traffic.

All our walks are one person per animal unless our client owns both canines. More than two animals per client then requires a second walker. To begin with all new customer's animals are walked "on the lead". Once we have bonded with that animal and with the owners permission we then allow them more freedom.

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